[Under construction and deconstruction]

As an applied linguist, I am engaged in the theoretical and empirical investigation of real-world contexts, interactions, and practices in which language is a central issue (Brumfit, 1995; Bygate, 2005; Grabe, 2002).

As a second language (L2) researcher, my goal is to better understand the processes of L2 acquisition and use as well as the social, emotional, and psychological dimensions of being and becoming multilingual. I am also concerned with critically examining the processes by which research is conducted, analyzed, and disseminated.

As an educator and language professional, I have an obligation to improve the conditions and quality of teaching and learning by working with students, teachers, and institutions to investigate, identify, and improve our practices.

My primary interests include second language acquisition, narrative and discursive-constructionist approaches (including ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, and membership categorization analysis), language and emotion, socio-psychological dimensions of language learning and use, multilingualism and identity, critical pedagogy, and language, gender, and sexuality.

My recent work with immigrant, refugee, and transcultural individuals and communities focuses on the discursive (re)organization of emotion and experience and its relationship to language practices, mental health, and social identification, participation, and opportunity.

Other ongoing projects include analysis of interaction in qualitative research settings (e.g., narrative, interview), represented talk and thought in L2/multilingual interaction, and the role of negative emotion in attention, learning, memory, storytelling, and interaction.


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