First review of my first book

coverThe first review of my first book, Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research, just appeared in Discourse Studies (2017) Vol.19(2) 234-249.

Link: Discourse Studies Book Review

The reviewer, Natasha Azarian-Ceccato (SKEMA Business School, France), writes:

“…I see in this book an immense treasure for graduate students and researchers using qualitative methods and all related narrative inquiry fields. This book not only provides the most up-to-date theoretical explanations and frameworks in the field, it also addresses the answers to questions that surely graduate researchers were/are silently asking, but for which there was simply an ample absence of research. This book is a must for students of narrative inquiry” (p. 235).

The reviewer further noted, “One should read this book for Chapter 7 alone, which I found to be the chapter de resistance. This chapter examines an overlooked area in qualitative research method courses or manuals, which is the examination of emotional work that transpires between researcher and research participants” (p. 235).

There is a story behind each of these chapters. Chapter 7 is one I wrestled with at length. I believe it opens up an important discussion. In truth, when I read the pages, they still evoke the distress of the research process and participants’ experiences—as well as our experiences together. Nevertheless, despite this personal discomfort, I would have to say that it is one of my favorite chapters.

As David Block (2008) reminds the self-conscious researcher, It is probably best not to take too much to heart reviews of one’s work” (p. 26). Still, it feels validating to be reviewed by someone who “gets” what my work is about.



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