Messy Research in Applied Linguistics at AAAL 2017 (Portland)

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PANEL AT AAAL  March 18-21, 2017

Methodological realities, problems and honest reporting when social research goes awry

Join Heath Rose and Jim McKinley and a host of other experts at the AAAL 2017 in Portland where they will be discussing the messy reality of conducting research in applied linguistics.

Much published research in applied linguistics presents research methodology as an uncompromising process, where problems are preempted in precise research design. However, applied linguistics research is often messy, especially when studies bridge other disciplines in the social sciences. This colloquium showcases some of the methodological problems encountered in research projects that, despite obstacles, were eventually successfully published in applied linguistics journals. Each speaker reports on a ‘messy’ component of a previous project, outlining the steps involved in negotiating this problem. They bring the methodological obstacles to the forefront, to illustrate situations where applied linguists need to adapt their research methods in situ. The colloquium aims to provide novice and experienced researchers alike with an overview of the realities of doing interdisciplinary social research in applied linguistics and offers advice on overcoming similar methodological problems.

The contributors participating on the colloquium panel are:

  • Dr. Christine Pearson Casanave
  • Dr. Xuesong (Andy) Gao
  • Prof. John Hedgcock
  • Dr. Heekyeong Lee
  • Dr. Jim McKinley
  • Dr. Hanako Okada
  • Dr. Simone Pfenninger
  • Dr. Matthew T. Prior <– yup, that’s me!
  • Dr. Heath Rose
  • Prof. David Singleton
  • Dr. Mary Jane Curry, as discussant

Hope to see you there!


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