Special Issue on Represented Talk is out in the journal Text & Talk

Just in time for the holidays! This one was definitely a long labor of love, but worth it. What an honor to work with so many fantastic researchers.

Text & Talk

s18607349An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language, Discourse & Communication Studies

Ed. by Sarangi, Srikant

Volume 35, Issue 6 (Dec 2015)
Link here.
  • Special Issue: Represented Talk Across Activities and Languages
  • Guest Editors: Matthew T. Prior and Gabriele Kasper


  • Matthew T. Prior – Introduction: Represented talk across activities and languages 695
  • Trine Heinemann and Johannes Wagner Recalibrating the context for reported speech and thought 707
  • Hanh thi Nguyen Source marking in represented talk and thought in Vietnamese narratives 731
  • Mary Shin Kim Reconstructing misinterpretation and misrepresentation through represented talk in Korean conversation 759
  • Evelyne Berger and Simona Pekarek Doehler Direct reported speech in storytellings: Enacting and negotiating epistemic entitlements 789
  • Gabriele Kasper and Matthew T. Prior “You said that?”: Other-initiations of repair addressed to represented talk 815
  • Toshiaki Furukawa Localizing humor through parodying white voice in Hawai‘i stand-up comedy 845
  • Eric Hauser Commentary: RT and the dramatization of everyday life 871