Silverman (2015): Interpreting Qualitative Data

Run out and buy Silverman’s new edition (5th ed.) of Interpreting Qualitative Data.


Not only is it a great book, I just found out he cites my 2014 article. YES!!!!

(Here’s a clip. Check out his book for the whole thing. Or better yet, read the article in Qualitative Inquiry.)

Prior in Silverman 2015


AAAL 2015

AAAL2015 in Toronto was fantastic! Kudos to Paul Matsuda, Program Chair, for a job well done. The quality of the presentations, roundtables, and plenaries was outstanding. It was so good to catch up with dear friends and colleagues–and to make new ones. I now have lots of energy for pushing ahead with my books, articles, and various other projects.

My presentation with Steven Talmy critiquing “Small Stories and Positioning Analysis” was well received and attracted some buzz.

small stories

The panel with Kasper & Ross also attracted attention and received some citations, so we must be doing something right!

Kasper & Ross panel

Keith Richards (the qualitative research superstar, not the musician) even gave me a shout-out in his talk. Woo-hoo!  I’m a big fan of his work, so it’s an honor to have him even say my name.